Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Tag

What a week... I finally have a moment to make up some postings that I should have had up few days ago. Last week, my foodie blog buddy Anncoo from Anncoo's Hobby tagged me. Thanks so much Ancoo you've made my day.

The Rules

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share the ABCs of you.
4. Tag 4 people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
5. Let the 4 tagged people know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so that there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag. it goes:

1. A – Available/Single? Married
2. B – Best friend? Alise
3. C – Cake or Pie? Cake
4. D – Drink of choice? Coffee
5. E – Essential item you use every day? Computer
6. F – Favorite color? Green
7. G – Gummy Bears Or Worms? Gummy Bear
8. H – Hometown? Henderson, NV
9. I – Indulgence? Desserts
10. J – January or February? January
11. K – Kids & their names? Olivia Grace
12. L – Life is incomplete without? Family
13. M – Marriage date? Hot summer evening
14. N – Number of siblings? 2 sisters
15. O – Oranges or Apples? Apples
16. P – Phobias/Fears? Locks- None
17. Q – Quote for today? Stay Positive
18. R – Reason to smile? Spending time with my husband and daughter
19. S – Season? Autumn
20. T – Tag 3 People? Cooking Practice,Kim,Cooking Gallery,Noelle
21. U – Unknown fact about me? I'm an open book
22. V – Vegetable you don't like? None
23. W – Worst habit? Procrastination
24. X – X-rays you've had? Dental x-rays in February
25. Y – Your favorite food? Too many to list
26. Z – Zodiac sign? Pisces


  1. This sounds fun, thanks for tagging me : ) I'll make a post tomorrow with my answers to ABC. It's fun to learn these things about our blogging friends, thanks !!

  2. Sylvia, it was fun learning about you. Thank you for sharing these tidbits about yourself.