Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oven Drama... VENT

As I mentioned in a previous post, my oven died one July afternoon when I least expected it...It's been 33 days, 792 hours and 47520 minutes since I baked anything :( The timing couldn't have been worse...My daughter's birthday, my in laws visiting...I could have used my oven in the worst way. The first time I had to purchase Olivia's Birthday cake, instead of making one :(

I'M ANGRY!!! I have had a repair technician came by on July 24th and diagnosed the problem. I was told that the main relay board needs to be replaced. I was quoted $530 and asked to pay 50% deposit before they can order a part. I did that on 7/27 and was told that it will take 5-10 days for the part to arrive. On 8/2 I called to see what was the status of the part and was advised that my order had been lost and they've just placed another order today (8/2) and it will take yet another 5-10 days for the part to arrive. Finally the part showed up on 8/19....Chris-the tech showed up with the part, took my oven apart and then realized that the part the came was not a relay board but display board?!!! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? Anyway, I calmly requested that since they seem to have made a mistake, they should re-order the part and ship it next day air...Chris said that he is sorry and of course he would order it the next day but the $65 shipping will be passed on to me! I don't have to tell you that I nearly lost it when he said that... I immediately called the manager and demanded that they not only order the part next day air and pay for shipping but also have it installed the very day, the part gets here! The manager was very nice and accommodating, and ultimately I've gotten my way. The part gotten here and was installed last Wednesday. I was working on a plum crumble yesterday for my friend's BBQ and was thrilled to be able to finally bake something, when my oven stopped working again... Not really stop working but have gone cold. It seems to preheat just fine but does not keep the heat. I called Sam (the manager) again and was told that David-senior tech and Bosh certified tech will be here first thing on Monday morning to remedy the situation... At this point I am SUPER PISSED OFF and worried that the very expensive part, I just paid for might not have been the problem to begin with... Well, I will keep you posted after I know more but for now, thanks for reading and letting me vent...

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