Sunday, March 1, 2009



Handfull of spinach leaves
(3) medium, yellow onions,
(2) medium red peppers,
(2) red peppers,
(4) medium tomatoes,
(1) medium zucchini, peeled
then season to taste.
I recommend:

cayenne pepper,
bay leaves,

Chop and sautee all the everything in a little bit of butter and oil till tender. After that, just bring the ingredients
and their juices to a boil.

After about 10 minutes of boiling,
reduce heat and simmer for about 25 minutes,
or until it thickens.
Leczo, however, is not supposed to thicken
too much; water can be added
according to your pleasure. We like ours the consistency of a stew. Serve over rice or with bread. THIS IS MEANT TO BE VEGETARIAN BUT AS YOU CAN SEE ON THE PICTURE I'VE ADDED SOME LEFTOVER CHICKEN SAUSAGE.

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